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Why Managed WordPress Hosting is Better than Shared Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a crucial part of any website. Without the Web Hosting, it is not possible to create and publish a website on the internet. Newbie bloggers and Newbie Webmasters get confused while choosing the best hosting for their websites.

It is quite obvious to get confused because of the great diversity of the web hosting service providers. It is Okay for newbie bloggers to go with the Shared Web Hosting from any reliable company, but what about Experienced bloggers?

The bloggers who are working in the blogosphere have some knowledge about the hosting plans and other stuff. Also, they may have some good blogs with moderate traffic. But, is the Shared Web Hosting is sufficient to handle the load of the multiple websites with average traffic? If you are a Webmaster or a Blogger and have some sites on the WordPress, then the Managed WordPress Hosting is going to be the right choice for hosting your sites.


What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Most of the times, the Shared Hosting comes with the self-managed option. In the Self-managed choice, we have to do all the optimization tasks by ourselves. Some may have knowledge in optimizing the hosting for better performance, and some may not have it.

Now, in Managed WordPress Hosting, the Hosting company takes charge of Managing and optimizing the Hosting account on your behalf. When you don’t want to engage in technical stuff and focus on work, then the Managed WordPress Hosting comes handy. The Highly Optimized WordPress Installation is the main feature of any Managed WordPress Hosting. The WordPress Hosting is the best choice for you if you are a WordPress Blogger.

In the Managed Hosting, the Expert Support Staff takes all the responsibility for managing your hosting account and keeping it up and running. It is very much easy to use and tension-free type of Web Hosting.

Features of Managed WordPress Hosting

There are many advantages of using the Managed WordPress Hosting. As a Blogger, I’ve found the Managed WordPress Hosting best for hosting my many WordPress Blogs. I am presenting some of the main features of Managed WordPress Hosting.

Technical Support:-

When you don’t know much about the Technicalities in managing the Hosting account, then Customer Support staff plays the crucial part in helping you. The Support from Hosting companies is critical while using any web hosting service, because users may have no knowledge about using the hosting.

The great thing about Managed WordPress Hosting is that we don’t have to worry about any technicalities, because the Technical Support staff, appointed to maintain the WordPress hosting will do all the technical stuff for you. Almost all of the Managed WordPress Hosting providers offer their customers Technical Support staff to handle the technicalities on behalf.

  • Scalability:-

What do you do when you feel your computer is outdated and not able to deal with the workload? You Upgrade it! Right? Just like Upgrading your Personal Computer is simple, Scaling the Managed WordPress Hosting to handle the burden is simple.

When your Hosting account goes down after not able to manage the load, then you can easily scale it up with the recommended plan and then keep your websites up and running. The Managed WordPress Hosting is strong enough to handle massive traffic. So, in only rare cases you’ll have to upgrade the account to keep sites alive.

  • Higher Security:- 

The Technical Support Staff from Web Hosting Service Providers monitors the safety aspects of hosting accounts. With the shared hosting accounts, the team completes only basic security checkups. In a case of the Managed Hosting, the Technical Support Staff takes the safety of every hosting account as their paramount priority. The Technical Team manages and monitors servers with higher security checks to keep your sites safe and secure.

The Managed WordPress Hosting comes with advanced security features like DDos attack protection, IP Logger, Anti-Malware Scanning and others. Your sites on Managed Web Hosting are safe because these security checks are done regularly.

  • Daily Backups:-

In a case of any unfortunate mishap with your hosting account or with your sites, the Backup of the site can help you to restore the website. But, what will you do if you don’t have the Backup of your websites? Well, in Managed WordPress hosting, you don’t have to worry about the Site backups. Most of the WordPress Hosting  Providers take daily backup of your websites so that you can use it to restore your sites.

The company automatically stores the backup each day, and you can ask them for the same to restore your sites.

Top Managed WordPress Hosting Providers

  1. BlueHost

The Affordable Shared Hosting is the primary product of the BlueHost. The BlueHost is a part of Endurance International Group and sister site of many traditional shared hosting service providers like iPage, HostGator, and ASmallOrange. The BlueHost is providing the best-in-quality Managed WordPress Hosting to their customers in affordable price. You can check out BlueHost WordPress Hosting Plans from here.

     2. WpEngine

Amongst all WordPress Hosting Service providers, the WpEngine is Best. No one in the industry can match the quality standards and service quality of  WpEngine. The WpEngine is best-in-class WordPress Hosting Provider. But, the WpEngine is very much expensive than other hosting providers. If you have High Traffic WordPress site, then WpEngine is the perfect choice to host your site. Check out WpEngine Hosting Plans from here.


So, the Managed WordPress Hosting has many more features than Shared Web Hosting. The Managed Hosting wins the race due to additional features and Dedicated Support staff. The Shared Hosting is definitely perfect for low traffic sites. But, when you feel that the Shared Hosting is not capable of handling the load, it is the time to migrate to the Managed WordPress Hosting.

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