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WPEngine Review – Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Ever heard of Managed WordPress Hosting? No? Then Check out the Article we’ve written on Managed WordPress Hosting. The Managed WordPress Hosting is highly optimized for the WordPress installations. In this post, we are going to review one of the most popular Managed WordPress Hosting providers, WPEngine. The WPEngine is one of the finest and most dedicated Managed Web hosting provider. WPEngine focuses only on Managed WordPress hosting, nothing else.


The WPEngine is one of the famous names in the web hosting market. They only concentrate on providing the Managed WordPress Hosting for their customers. There are many big companies like Asana, SoundCloud, Yoast, AMD and others. The big companies use the WPEngine hosting for their business websites. So, you can think how good is WPEngine in providing the managed hosting.


In this post, we are going to review the WPEngine WordPress Hosting. We’ll do this WPEngine Review by Speed, Reliability, Features, and Pricing.  So, gear up to read this review of WPEngine WordPress Hosting.

WPEngine Review – Best Managed WordPress Hosting Provider

WPEngine Review

The WordPress Hosting is specialized hosting which only focuses on the WordPress based sites. There is no option to use any other CMS with WordPress hosting. The WPEngine provides only Managed WordPress Hosting, which makes it different from other web hosting service providers. As the WPEngine is the only fully Managed WordPress hosting service provider, the many great WordPress users use the WPEngine to host their websites. So, let’s start this WPEngine Review and know if the WPEngine is worth the money or not.


WPEngine WordPress Hosting Features



This is one of the best and important features of the WPEngine Web Hosting. With WPEngine, your site gets the cover of Best-in-Class security. Keeping your websites safe from hackers is a challenging task for any blogger. But, not for those who are hosting with WPEngine. The WPEngine security team checks every hosting account for the malicious codes, malicious activities and keeps your site safe from those hackers. The Daily Scan helps the team to identify and eliminate threats from the system.


The Security Team keeps track of malicious activities and gets rid of them in a backend. The WPEngine team performs all of the security tasks on the priority basis to keep the sites safe from hackers and other threats.



No other web hosting service provider can manage the speed of the WPEngine servers. The sites which are hosted on the WPEngine hosting are super fast to load, thanks to the high-end server architecture. The WPEngine uses the SSDs in their Web Server, which helps the sites to load faster compared to the HDD based hosting providers.


It’s not just about the SSD’s in a server; the WPEngine uses the CDN (Content Delivery Network) to serve the static content of the site from servers all around the world. Also, the Proprietory EverCache Technology, which caches the Website data in the backend for increasing the loading speed of your websites. The EverCache technology keeps the loading time of the web sites low and the servers stable under massive loads.


Customer Support

The Customer Support is the backend of any web hosting service provider. The WPEngine provides the super fast support to their clients. The response time of the WPEngine customer service staff is quick enough. The WPEngine customers can reach to the Customer Support staff by Email, Ticketing  Support and also the Telephone Line. The Contact Numbers of WPEngine Customer Support staff are time limited and available only from Monday to Friday, 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM only. The WPEngine is fast enough in providing the support to their customers.


As per my testing, I emailed the WPEngine customer support to know how to install a particular plugin. I contacted them via the Email. To my surprise, the WPEngine Customer Support Executive replied me within 13Minutes. That’s pretty fast support from the Email.

Most of the Time, Web Hosting Providers neglect on the quality of support provided over the email. But, the WPEngine has concentrated very much on the email, that the Email Support is easily available  24*7 for customers around the globe.


WPEngine Plans and Pricing

The WPEngine is very much expensive compared to other Web Hosting Service providers. The WPEngine provides the Managed  WordPress Hosting, but their hosting plans are way too expensive than their competitors. As people say, “With Great Service Comes Great Price Tag.” The WPEngine proves this Saying True because of their Best-in-Class service and High Pricing. With WPEngine, you may get the High-Quality Service Worth Every Dollar you spend. Here is the detailed breakdown of the Hosting Plans from the WPEngine.


  • Personal Plan – $29.00/- Per Month

The Personal Plan is the primary managed hosting plan from the company. On the Personal Plan, users can enjoy Single Instance of the WordPress installation, 10GB of Storage Space to host the site and Monthly visitors limit of 25,000/-. The Plan is pretty basic and good enough for the starters.

WPEngine Plans Pricing

  • Professional Plan – $99.00/- Per Month

The Professional Plan is for serious Bloggers and webmasters. Those who know the basics and Technicals of the WordPress are the primary customers of this plan. With the Professional Hosting Plan from WPEngine, the Customer can install up to 10 WordPress Sites with 20GB of Storage capacity on servers. The Professional Plan handles nearly 100,000/- visitors.

WPEngine PLans

  • Business Plan – $249.00/- Per Month

This is the Massive Hosting Plan from the company. The Business Plan is an expensive hosting plan from WPEngine. This Hosting plan is made for Businesses to host their websites which have high traffic. In the Business Plan, customers can enjoy 25 installations of the WordPress, 30GB of Storage space and powerful servers to handle 400,000 Monthly Visitors. As this plan costs $249.00/- per month, it is suitable only for businesses who want to keep their Online Business Up and Running smoothly.

WPEngine Plans and Pricing

With the Professional Plan and Business Plan, WPEngine offers Speed-Enhancing CDN service free of cost. The CDN service is not available for the Personal Plan users, but they can avail it by paying extra $19.95/-.


WPEngine Control Panel

The WPEngine is not an ordinary web hosting service provider. They offer Managed WordPress Hosting only and different from others. Because of this reason, they’ve ditched the traditional cPanel and Plesk UI. Instead of cPanel and Plesk, they are using the Custom Made User Interface, named as the User Portal. The User Portal is as good and straightforward as the cPanel is But, it may be confusing for first-time users.

The User Panel, as WPEngine guys love to call it can help users in doing all necessary functions. Customers can Add domains, Install WordPress on Domains, Monitor Server Resources, Create Backups, Perform Restores and so on. The List goes on and on.



WPEngine Coupons

The WPEngine is offering the special discount for their new customers. In this post, we will share a special WPEngine Coupon code for new customers who are willing to purchase this hosting. The WPEngine is offering the 30% Discount on total bill for the new customers. If you are interested in getting a fantastic Managed Web Hosting for your websites, then you should grab this WPEngine Coupon by both the hands.



  • Conclusion


The WPEngine is different from other Hosting providers. As focusing only on the Managed WordPress Hosting, they can fully concentrate on improving their service. There are many competitors to beat the WPEngine in Managed WordPress Hosting category, but the Most of them cannot match the service quality of the WPEngine. Because, the other Hosting providers are offering Shared Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Servers along with the WordPress hosting.


Well, the WPEngine may seem like Unnecessary, expensive Hosting for the long term websites. But, it is not. The WPEngine provides unmatched quality hosting to their customers. You cannot get this kind of service from any other hosting provider. We can bet you that once you own the WPEngine hosting, you’ll barely move out with another hosting. There are many customers who are sharing Positive WPEngine Review on the Review websites. You can check it out too.



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