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How To Install WordPress on Any Hosting with Softaculous

The WordPress is a most popular website CMS around the world. At this date, millions of websites run on the WordPress CMS. Almost every hosting company offers WordPress Installation compatibility with hosting accounts. But, what will you do if you don’t know how to install WordPress on Hosting account?

How to install wordpress with Softaculous

How to install wordpress with Softaculous

It’s pretty standard not knowing the procedure to install WordPress on your Hosting account. There are two ways of installing the WordPress. The first one is manual installation and the second one is the automatic installation. In the Manual Installation, you’ve to download the WordPress ZIP package, Upload it to your hosting account with FTP, Create MySQL databases and then input the details of your databases into the Wp-Config.php file.

But, with the Automated WordPress installation, thanks to Softaculous, it’s a 2-minute task. The Softaculous supports the installation of more than 200 Content Management Systems on hosting accounts. If your hosting provider has a Softaculous installer, then you can install WordPress on your hosting account.

How to Install WordPress using Softaculous Installer

  • To Install WordPress on your Hosting account with Softaculous, you’ll need to login to the cPanel of the hosting account. You may check the email from hosting provider for the login details of the cPanel.


After logging into the cPanel, you’ll have to find the Softaculous script installer options. Usually, the softaculous is located at last of the hosting cPanel. Check for the Software/Services option to find the Softaculous Installer. Some Web Hosts don’t offer the ¬†Softaculous installer with their hosting. There may be a different option to install WordPress on your domains.


  • After finding the Softaculous installer, click on it. Now, the softaculous installer will show you hundreds of different CMS scripts to install. But, as we have to install only WordPress, click on the WordPress.
  • After choosing the WordPress option in the Softaculous, you’ll be redirected to the WordPress installation page. On that page, you’ll get basic information about the WordPress CMS. To install the WordPress on your Hosting, click on the Install Button.


  • Now, you’ve to configure the site details before installing the WordPress. The first option is “Protocol,” in which you can choose from “http://,””http://www.“,”https://“, and “https://www.“. Choose anything according to your needs. The Second option is the Domain option. The domains you added in the hosting account will be shown here. Choose the domain name on which you’ve to install the WordPress. There is an option of “In Directory” in which the default prefix “wp” is added. That means the WordPress installed on the path “yourdomain.com/wp/.” If you want to install WordPress on your domain instead of any prefix, then remove the field and leave it blank.


  • There are some technical details like Table prefix and Database name. If you are not sure to edit them, then we will advise you to leave it as it is. Now comes the important part. You’ve to give your site a name and descriptions. Also, there is an option to choose Username and Password which is useful to access the Site Dashboard. You can change these things later, but it is advised to do it in advance.


  • After configuring these things, you can proceed and install the WordPress on your hosting account. The Softaculous Installer will install WordPress within 2 minutes, and you are ready to rock with your new WordPress website.



Installing the WordPress on your Hosting account is not a rocket science. The Softaculous installer helps you to install WordPress easily on any compatible hosting. Remember, Not all hosting companies provides softaculous to install WordPress. So, you have to find the options to install WordPress without Softaculous Scripts installer.

I Hope this post about Installing WordPress using Softaculous installer has helped you. If you are facing any problem while following the steps, please comment down below.

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  1. This is really an interesting post for all of us. How confused i was while choosing my blog which took couple of weeks. i wish i could have read post like this at that time. Any way this post is perfect for all newbies out there. hope it helps all of them.

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