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Types of Web Hosting Services

In our previous post, we discussed what a web hosting is and found that web hosting is a service provided by webhosting service providing companies to host your website on internet. Web hosting makes our website/webpage visible on internet. Today we are going to learn about different types of web hosting from which one can opt to go with.

Before proceeding to learn about types of web hosting, we would like to clear few things for you. Some web hosting providing companies offer you to choose data center and type of server for your new web hosting plan. So you need to under stand these two terms very well.

Data Center

You’ll be offered few Data Centers like choose USA Data Center, UK Data Center or maybe other country’s data center. As the name suggests USA Data Center’s server will be allocated in United States of America (USA). Hence if your website target audience is USA, then you should go with this Data Center.

If your website/online business target audience is United Kingdom then you must go with UK Data Center as it will help you to rank your website quickly in UK region.

Type of server

Several times, you’ll find a web hosting provider asking that which type of server you’d like to have; Linux server or Windows server. So you might got stuck which one to go with. Hence as per our recommendations, you should go with linux server as its more secure and safe than windows server. Linux servers are more reliable and secure to host your website.

types of web hosting services

Let’s back to our discussion and find out different types of web hosting.

Web Hosting Types

  1. Free Hosting
  2. Shared Hosting
  3. VPS Hosting
  4. Dedicated Hosting
  5. Cloud Hosting
  6. Reseller Web Hosting
  7. Managed WordPress Hosting
  8. .Net Hosting

1. Free Web Hosting

Well free things are not good for long time. But still people love to go with them. Free web hosting is also provided for such people who don’t want to spend money on server. Well there are various companies online which provide webhosting for free such as blogspot, weebly and more.

You’ll be able to host your site on these websites. In two modes you can host your site on these sites. First is by creating sub-domain like abc.blogspot.com or you can host custom domain as well like abc.com. The biggest disadvantage is without warning you, your blog will be removed from their directory and you can’t do much about them. Un-necessary advertisements will also be displayed at times on these kind of sites.

So spending some bucks on hosting, will help you to avoid such kind of problems.

2. Shared Web Hosting – Best for beginners

If you are starting a new website/blog, you should go with shared web hosting. The fact is number of visitors is not high at the initial level. Hence hosting resources like CPU, bandwidth, RAM will not be as required as much as. As per our experiences and usages of shared hosting for different projects from various host providers, we can make you sure that shared server can handle “500 real time visitors” whole day.

Shared hosting server doesn’t cost you much. It’s price range varies from 5-10$ a month. So you can get a good and reliable web hosting for affordable price of less than 100$ for one year. However the main drawback of shared hosting that there are lots of other sites are hosted on shared server. As per researches, at least a shared server has 500 websites hosted on it.

3. VPS hosting – Virtual Private Server hosting

Virtual Private Servers are just like the middle one category between shared host server and dedicated webhost server. VPS cost price ranges between 50$ to 200$ for one month and it varies according to the provided actual resources like CPU, RAM etc.

If your website is having “1000-1500 real time traffic”, then it will be great for you to go with VPS web hosting.

4. Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated web hosting is very good for the websites having some decent number of visitors on daily basis. If your website is getting 100K visitors on daily basis, then you should go with dedicated server. All issues related with shared hosting, will be resolved here as your website will not be having down time due to other websites as on this server only your website/s will be hosted.

The cost of a dedicated server begins from $100 for a month. If you are not a technical person then you need an administrator to handle your server.

5. Cloud Hosting

Cloud web hosting is the latest technology in web hosting world and it helps you to manage website traffic quite comfortably. The fact is in cloud hosting, there are several small servers are used to host the web and they work as a giant main server. That means if your website is getting lot of traffic, then resources are shared to one by one server as per requirement and website doesn’t get downtime.

Cloud hosting price ranges from 20$ a month to up.

6. Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller web hosting is nothing but having a shared server in which you have facility to provide space to others for hosting their web. This kind of web hosting package comes with great technical control as you’ll be having¬†Web Host Manager (WHM) control panel, billing software to manage bill invoices and so more features like free website templates, able to have private name servers and so on.

The reseller web hosting packages begin from 15$.

7. Managed WordPress hosting

WordPress is one of the most popular website building platforms these days. Hence web hosting providers have started a new kind of service plan labeled as “Managed WordPress hosting”. In such kind of hosting plans, your website will be fully managed by the hosting providers. They make sure its security and keep it up to date.

8. .Net Hosting

It is a special type of web hosting which help you to host asp.net website. It is generally used for complex kind of websites that require comprehensive packages for database support and application development platform. The price range .net web hosting begins from 5$ a month.

Which web hosting do you think is good for different level of sites?

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